As ya’ll have probably noticed, I haven’t been on very often…

It’s probably gonna be like that from now on…

I love you guys, and I hope ya’ll have groovy days!

Someday I may come back on here, but for now 

Ta-ta! <3

Hay, babes! So I’ve been debating whether I should make an outfit blog and after much deliberation, I actually decided to make one! So if you wanna check it out, please feel free to! Love ya babes and hope ya’ll are having super groovy days!! <3

I’ve also got a LookBook and a Chictopia, so if you wanna check those out too, I hope you enjoy them! <3



why are some boys so cute and some boys so cute

I swear this is me

Aleksey Morozov


The Fourth Pan Book of Horror Stories

Mick Jagger, NYC, 1972


Mathew Street, Liverpool, 1976. My favourite Beatles plaque ever.

The 1966 Beetle Service Booklet.